We make it easy for you to fall
in love with your home all over again


Well-organized functional spaces that positively affect your mood. Changes to colors, layouts, materials, and fabrics can easily evoke positive feelings, making it easy to become happier at home.

At WoodWill we design and create great spaces filled with emotions, light, air, and elegance.


Beyond Esthetics

We pride ourselves on the creation of unique functional designs. Our design processes prioritize the best use of the different spaces.

Our design process into 4 Steps:


With a FREE, no-obligation consultation via chat, Zoom, or in-person visit, we will let you know by showing references and examples of other projects to help you to realize your needs.


We come to your home, or you send our team your room’s dimensions and some digital photos, and we will be happy to create a 3D render of your project.



We are here to help every step of the way! Whether you have a contractor or need us to arrange your project’s installation. We will deliver detailed drawings, which eliminate lots of installation issues.


We do regular site visits throughout the project to make sure what we designed and what you expect is being executed correctly to give you the best experience and results.


Design & Blueprints

Based on your needs, we create 2d and 3d model spaces and the blueprints necessary to make the entire project come to life, whether you have your contractor or want to complete the process with us.



If you don’t want to start the project from scratch. We can help you create a new modern, functional space by renewing all your wood furniture.


From zero to hero! Let’s make your dreams come true. We create new projects from scratch that fulfill everything you need.